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Language Assessment

Townend Language Centre offers an ever useful language assessment service. This option is recommendable for firms, companies or state institutions which are interested in evaluating existing and prospective employees’  level of English.

We are proud to inform you that we have been successfully collaborating over past years with many local companies and also with the Chamber of Commerce in Castellón.

The language assessment procedure is as follows:
-25 minutes: Discussion on a work-related subject selected by the examiner. This part of the examination includes a Telephone task, which provides candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate how they can handle a work-related conversation in English.
-25 minutes: Writing task which includes a formal report of a topic on a work-related subject of the candidate's choice.

The results of the language assessment exam will be handed-in within 48 hours.

We will happily answer all your queries on the language assessment format, prices or available dates.



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