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"Learning English in Townend Language Centre is quite an experience, combining studies with entertainment."

Lola Peris, 32, Marketing Manager, LAND Porcelánico

"The classes are fantastic in Townend Language Centre. Please keep your high level next year, as well. It is unbeatable."

Ricardo Nanclares, 36, Export Manager, Casa Depot, S.L. - DURSTONE

"I have been takingTelephone English classes with Townend Language Centre for over two years and let me assure you that they are very useful; they allow me to improve my English level in a quick and dynamic way. I would recommend this teaching method to everybody!"

Jose Maria Pareja, 43, Assistant Manager, Antonio Tarazona SL

"After spending my whole life trying to learn English, I discovered after only eight months at Townend Language Centre that sometimes things are easier than I had previously thought!"

Jorge Patiño, 28, Industrial Engineer, Universidad de Jaime I (UJI)

"The best of Townend Language Centre is how they succeed in personalizing each course according to their students' needs"

Helena Varella, 25, Veterinary Doctor

"The notable dynamism of the classes stand out for me, because the lovely atmosphere among classmates makes you learn without any effort"

José Patiño, 28, Sales Agent, MGS


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